Northwest Invention Center




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Toy Tech
  • North American version - 1,500 to 2,000 sq feet. Kids play with toys, make toys, and learn how they work. This very popular exhibit has been enlarged.
  • European version - 300 to 350 sq m. Smaller versions of the North American exhibit with translated text. Currently traveling in Sweden and Norway.


Workshops in Europe

Our workshops in Europe in 2015 start May 1 and run through mid-June. If you would like to have a workshop at your school or science center, give me a shout.

Innovative Teaching and Learning

We launched a Facebook page to encourage the exchange of ideas on Innovative Teaching and Learning. 855894851101243/ Research and experience consistently show that learners stay engaged, exhibit more curiosity, and learn more effectively when they are addressing challenges that they meet with kinetic action. In spite of what we believe to be overwhelming evidence of the success of this 21st century approach to learning, it is not widely followed.

New Blog

As a museum director and scientist I have enjoyed adventures around the world. Now, I'm recounting them in short stories on a new blog: Whisper Dish Adventures. http://whisperdishadventures.